Morning Reading (Trump, Tragedy, and Hope Edition)

If you haven’t already read them, you might want to check out the following articles.

This is a fascinating/hilarious article in the Washington Post that shows, after an extensive investigation, that there’s no essentially no evidence that Donald Trump’s charitable donations (much like basically everything else about him) in reality are anything like he claims them to be.  Unless one is a racist who avoids the news (I’m not counting Fox News and right wing radio as news here because I continue to believe that facts are a thing), it’s really hard for me to understand how people support him [update: upon further reflection, I think this isn’t quite fair though I still strongly disagree with Trump, his views, and his tactics].  Some favorite tidbits from the article: 1.  Trump listed as a charitable donation the costs of giving Serena Williams a free ride on his plane from Florida to Virginia so she could attend a ribbon cutting ceremony at a Trump golf course and a free framed photo of herself.  2.  He gave $5,000 to a woman struggling to pay her bills as part of a contest; per the contest’s rules, the winner had to live in New York, provide her own transportation to Trump Tower, and be willing to meet Trump on camera to accept the check.  Sad!

Also from the Washington Post, this is a haunting look at one example showing why mortality rates are rising for middle-age white women in the United States.  Reading this and its description of the horrible effects of alcohol on the featured family, it’s crazy to think that alcohol is legal (at least if you’re 21 or over) and marijuana is a Schedule I drug in the United States.  Marijuana is one issue that I agree more with Bernie, who thinks it should be decriminalized federally, rather than Hillary, who thinks it should be moved from being a Schedule I drug to a Schedule II drug so more research can be done on its medicinal properties.

To end on a hopeful note: For the first time in nearly a century, the population of wild tigers has increased between counts.  Maybe as a species we’ll get our shit together and avoid dramatically and irreparably harming the planet.  Hopefully.


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