A Sleep Regression Is Hell Week

Comparing a baby to a drunk person is common.  A comparison I haven’t seen, although I doubt it’s original to me, is that a sleep regression is fraternity Hell Week.

Sleep is seemingly nonexistent.

You’re controlled by a petty, unpredictable person.

Screaming, yelling, and crying are nearly constant.

You’re dirty, sweaty and possibly covered in someone else’s bodily fluids.

Halfway through you would give anything for it to stop and are contemplating quitting.

You can’t remember why you thought it was a good idea to do it.

Someone vomited recently.

You have a splitting headache and bags under your eyes.

Day and night have no meaning.

If you happen to venture out in public, you don’t care what you’re wearing or what you look like.

Missed meals are common.

Your body aches in places you didn’t realize existed.

Others, except for the very closest to you at the time, are sympathetic but aren’t really in a position to provide you with any real help.

And at the end, all you want is a lot of water, a warm meal, and a quiet place to sleep for 24 hours even though you know that’s not what is going to happen.

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