73-9, 402

The Warriors accomplished an incredible achievement last night, winning their 73rd game to finish the regular season 73-9.  It’s amazing what the team did, besting a record many thought might never be touched.  They did it unselfishly, as a team, and with their head coach sidelined for a significant portion of the season.

As an individual, Steph Curry has been straight fire.  It’s folly to predict any record will never be broken, but we might not see as good an offensive season in a very, very long time (or maybe next year he’ll improve; who knows?).  Steph hit 402 3-pointers this season, an NBA record.  The previous record was 286, the number Steph made last year.  That’s a forty percent increase year over year.  That would be like if Roger Maris had broken his own single-season home run record of 61 homers by hitting 84 homers in 1962.  Or if Peyton Manning had broken his single-season touchdown passes record of 55 touchdown passes by throwing for 77 touchdowns in 2014 (instead of the 39 touchdowns he actually threw for).  It’s ridiculous what Steph is doing.  He’s revolutionizing his sport, entertaining the masses, and, most importantly, leading his team to wins.

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