It Gets Better

Z is four and a half months old.

He is currently napping in his crib.  That would not have happened a month or even three weeks ago.  Back then, he would only nap on dad or (much more often) mom, or in a carrier, or in his car seat on a drive.  It was not an easy or good situation.  Far from it, especially for mom.

He’s also sleeping much better at night.  He’s falling asleep on his own and staying asleep for much longer.  His mood has improved.  So has his parents’.

Being a parent of a young child–it gets better.

I think we need to be sure to tell struggling parents this.  Just as there is a movement to make sure struggling LGBT youth know that it gets better, there should be a movement to make sure struggling parents know that it gets better.  There should be videos of celebrities telling funny and horrifying stories of the difficulties they faced raising their children and how it gets better.  Watching Jennifer Garner read “Go The Fuck To Sleep” is fun, but it would also be great if there was video of her telling relatable stories about staying up all night taking care of a sick infant and how much easier and better it gets once your kid starts through the night.

Your constant pounding headache will go away, even if temporarily.  The enormous bags under your eyes will disappear, even if temporarily.  The irritations and frustrations will recede, even if temporarily.

It. Gets. Better.  I’ll say it now and hopefully more celebrity parents will say it in the future in inspiring videos for us.


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