Voters Where Donald Trump Does Business Tend Not To Like Donald Trump

Donald Trump likes to use his real estate experience as a reason why he should be president.  There are developments with Trump’s name on them located throughout the United States.  There is a funny thing about the areas where he’s chosen to do business: people there tend not to like Trump.  At all.

Trump International Realty has locations in Manhattan, New York; Westchester, New York; Miami, Florida; Jupiter, Florida; Charlotte, North Carolina; Chicago, Illinois; and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Let’s start with Manhattan because it’s the location of many Trump buildings, including Trump Tower, Trump International Hotel & Tower, Trump Park Avenue, and Trump Place.  The media narrative was generally that Trump and Clinton won big in their home states.  But Trump did quite poorly in his adopted borough.  In Manhattan, Trump won only 41.8% of the Republican votes, which was a total of only 10,393 votes.  He actually lost the borough to John Kasich, who got 11,251 votes, or 45.2% of the Republican votes in Manhattan.  That is quite poor, but is much, much worse when comparing the votes to the Democrats.  Hillary Clinton received 177,496 votes in Manhattan; she received over 17 times the number of votes the Donald got in the area where he does the most business.  Even quasi-socialist Bernie Sanders killed Trump in Manhattan, home of Wall Street, Bernie’s public enemy number one; Bernie got 90,227 votes in Manhattan.

In Westchester, Trump got 56.2% of the Republican vote and 22,958 votes.  Kasich got 13,217 votes and 32.4% of the vote.  So Trump won the county on the Republican side, but he under performed how he did in the state of New York.  In New York overall, Trump got 60.4% of the vote and Kasich got 25.1% of the vote.  And once again Trump got trounced by both Democratic candidates.  Hillary got 69,628 votes in Westchester and Bernie got 33,726 votes there.

In Miami-Dade County, Trump got 40,188 votes, which was 22.49% of the Republican vote.  Rubio got 111,985 votes, which was 62.66% of the Republican vote.  It was the only county in Florida that Rubio won.  Once again, Trump was beaten by both Democratic candidates.  Hillary Clinton trounced him with 129,570 votes and Bernie Sanders got 42,073 votes in Miami-Dade County.

In Palm Beach County, Florida, home of Jupiter, Trump got 66,187 votes and 52.10% of the Republican vote.  Despite doing better among Republicans, Trump still got trounced by Hillary in Palm Beach County, where she received 103,628 votes, but he did beat Bernie there.

In Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, home of Charlotte, Trump got 32.5% of the Republican vote and 28,531 votes.  That actually was first place in the state on the Republican side, but under performed his state-wide performance, where he got 40.2% of the Republican votes.  He was also trounced there by Hillary, 71,265 votes, and Bernie, 45,224 votes.

In Chicago, Trump got 34,038 votes and 38.47% of the Republican votes.  That’s worse than he did overall in Illinois, where he got 38.88% of the Republican votes.  And once again, Trump got annihilated by Hillary and Bernie.  Hillary got 380,208 votes in Chicago, over ten times the number of votes the Donald got there.  Bernie got 320,894 votes there, over nine times the number of votes the Donald got.

Clark County, Nevada, home of Las Vegas, is the one place where Donald outperformed other places in the state and beat the Democratic candidates.  He did three percentage points better than his statewide percentage and earned thousand more votes than any other candidate.

There isn’t a perfect correlation, but it is pretty amazing that in six out of the seven places where Trump International Realty has offices in the United States, where the vast majority of buildings with Trump on them in the United States are located, Trump did worse than he did in other places in the state and got spanked by one if not both of the Democratic nominees.  This isn’t necessarily a causal relationship either.  It’s not clear that people in these areas didn’t vote for Donald Trump because they know him and his way of doing business, but it is stunning that so many people in these areas, which tend to be cosmopolitan places, don’t support a man whose name is all over buildings where they live.

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