It’s Not His Fault

Good Will Hunting is one of my favorite movies.


One of the most moving scenes is when Robin Williams’s character, Sean, tells Matt Damon’s character, Will, that the severe abuse he suffered at the hands of his foster father was not his fault.  Will breaks down into tears as Sean hugs him and keeps repeating, “It’s not your fault.”

I’m reminded of that scene often on Z’s bad days.  I have to remind myself that it’s not his fault.

It’s not his fault when he can’t sleep.

It’s not his fault when he spits up.

It’s not his fault his fault when his diaper explodes.

It’s not his fault when any of the unpleasant things that happens with an infant happens.

One day, probably sooner than I expect, he’ll intentionally do shitty things.  But not yet.  All of the difficult things are not his fault, and it’s important to remember that and not take any anger or frustration out on him.

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