It’s Spinning

There’s has been a mobile hanging in Z’s room for the vast majority of his short life.  Lex picked it out on Etsy.  It’s simple, but beautiful with different shades of blue, yellow, and white circles.  For a while, Z never showed any interest in the mobile.  Maybe he couldn’t see it.  Maybe it just bored him.  Who knows.

Recently, however, he is transfixed by it.

So it’s become a habit to pick him up and hold him near it so he can get a closer look.  Sometimes he’ll silently stare at it.  Sometimes he’ll start panting like a dog.  Sometimes he’ll laugh at it.  Or babble at it.

To give him an extra thrill, I’ve often begun to twist the mobile so it spins one way and then back the other way for a little while.  He really loves that.  And because I’ve been known to be inappropriate at times all I can hear in my head is Chris Rock’s stand up bit about rims.  It’s spinning.  (parental advisory: explicit content in the linked video clip).


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