Megyn Kelly

Tonight a clip of Megyn Kelly condemning Donald Trump is making the rounds on the internet, even gaining praise from people who generally would not compliment her or the network for which she works, Fox News.  The clip shows Kelly at her best: smart, incisive, and armed with relevant facts.  I don’t watch a lot of Fox News, but from the little I do, she is clearly one of, if not the, best, smartest on-air talent at that network, which isn’t saying much, or any cable network, which is.

I disagree with a lot of her stances.  She has said some pretty horrible things, particularly regarding racially sensitive issues.  But she is also clearly well informed about many issues and is not just a pretty face reading a teleprompter.  She has done great working quickly reading, digesting, and reporting on Supreme Court cases, which is not an easy feat.

It’s easy for people on the left to call out the “talent” at Fox News.  A lot of it is deserved.  And Kelly deserves criticism at times.  But she also doesn’t deserve criticism, from the left or the right, that she is only on TV because of her looks or she is uninformed.  That is not the case.

She has a contract renewal up soon.  I’m sure Fox News will work hard to ensure she stays there.  But if she doesn’t, I could easily see her becoming a champion of people who currently deride her and her network (her politics have always seemed less personal and more professional/corporate than other Fox News personalities like Sean Hannity or Bill O’Reilly), which would be quite fun to see.

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