Everything But Food

Z likes to put everything in his mouth.  As soon as he picks something up, it goes straight into his mouth.

Sophie la Giraffe.

Building blocks.

The strings on our hoodies.

Stuffed animals.

Clean diapers (we don’t let him grab dirty ones and try to prevent him from grabbing the clean ones).

Our fingers.

Toys of all kinds.




But food.  When it’s time to eat, Z will pick up food and smash it in his fingers.  He’ll put it against his cheeks.  He’ll paint himself a goatee.  He’ll take his spoonful of food and drop the spoon.  He’ll rub it against his bib (or t-shirt if we’ve forgotten to put a bib on him).

It’s messy.  It’s ridiculous.  It’s more to clean.  But it’s also pretty fun and funny to watch.

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