Not Only Teenagers Are Moody

Teens are (in)famous for being moody.  Of course, they’re not alone in having wild mood swings.  Infants are right up there with them.  A good day with a baby is amazing.  A bad day is a nightmare.  Most days there is a wild fluctuation between the two.

Last night, Z was in an amazing mood.  He didn’t fight going into his high chair.  He ate everything offered to him.  And he smiled and laughed throughout the meal.  Bringing a spoonful of veggies toward his mouth made him crack up.  Our regular conversation brought a smile.  Asking him if he was ready to take a bath was funnier than Seinfeld combined with Friends multiplied by Chris Rock and Amy Schumer.  Bath time was fun, and he didn’t even get fussy when we took him out and dried him off.  He got into his pajamas easily, fed well, went to bed happy, and fell asleep quickly.  It was a sight to behold and a joy to experience.  It was “peak” being a parent.  Any observer on the fence about being a parent would have left midway through to go attempt conception.  It was that good.

Of course, after such a great evening and a long night’s sleep, Z woke up a terror.  This morning, he cried before, during, and after his first meal.  He cried when offered his favorite toys.  He whined when he was being held.  He howled when we brought him out of his room.  He moaned when we brought him back in.  Normally he loves scrambled eggs; not today!  He was a complete disaster, full of feelings–and not the good kind.  We were counting down the seconds until his first nap.

Last night was glorious.  This morning, not so much.  It’s not news, but it bears repeating: babies are moody (not just teenagers).

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