More Endorsements For Hillary, Lack Thereof For Trump

In July, I wrote about a few newspapers endorsing Hillary Clinton, including the surprising endorsement by the conservative Houston Chronicle.

Now Hillary has racked up even more endorsements.  Earlier this month, the Dallas Morning News endorsed her, marking the first time since before World War II that the paper has endorsed a Democrat.  Earlier this week, the Cincinnati Enquirer also endorsed Hillary; it was the first endorsement for a Democrat for president by the paper in nearly a century.  Other editorial boards, though less surprising ones, have also thrown their support behind her.  The New York Times endorsed her yesterday.  Although the editorial focused on why Hillary will make a good President, the article included: “(We will explain in a subsequent editorial why we believe Mr. Trump to be the worst nominee put forward by a major party in modern American history.)”  The Los Angeles Times also put their support behind Hillary this week, stating that she would be a “smart and pragmatic President” while Trump would be a “catastrophe.”

Perhaps as surprising as who is endorsing Hillary is who is not endorsing Trump.  The Union Leader of New Hampshire endorsed Gary Johnson, which is the first time in over 100 years that the paper has not endorsed the Republican nominee.  Similarly, the conservative Richmond Times-Dispatch, of Virginia, also endorsed Johnson.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that a candidate who attacks the press and has threatened to try to limit the constitutional guarantee of a free press, has not been receiving support from editorial boards.  But it’s not just newspapers that have refused to endorse Trump.

It came out recently that President George H.W. Bush, the Republican VP and President, told a gathering of 40 or so people that he is going to vote for Hillary Clinton.  This morning, a national security adviser to H.W. and a member of conservative hero Reagan’s administration, endorsed Hillary as well, adding to the long list of Republican (and Democratic) national security advisers who are supporting her.

Notably, no sitting or former President supports Trump.  We know of at least four Presidents who support Hillary (Carter, H.W. Bush, Bill, and Obama).

But Trump is a political outsider you might say and that’s why the “establishment” is against him.  Trump is a businessman you could claim.  So surely business people are throwing their support behind him, right?

Not so much.

Not a single CEO of a Fortune 100 company publicly supports Trump.  11 of them support Hillary.  In a “normal” year, the group tends to support Republicans much more than Democrats.  But not with Trump as the nominee.  Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban previously praised Trump as being an outsider who could shake up politics; after speaking with him, however, he is campaigning for Hillary.  Billionaire investor Warren Buffet has also endorsed her.  Republican Meg Whitman, former eBay CEO and current HP Enterprises CEO, is fundraising for Hillary.  Moderate billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who contemplated his own run for president as an independent this year, also has endorsed her.  And to complete the ideological spectrum, “socialist” Bernie Sanders has endorsed her as well.

To be fair to Trump, he is not completely devoid of endorsements.

Former KKK leader David Duke is an avid Trump supporter and credited Trump during his announcement that he’s running for Senate as a Republican.

Fox News personality Sean Hannity has endorsed Trump, participated in an ad for him, and invites him on his show regularly on the news propaganda network for which he works.

The National Enquirer has endorsed Trump.

A newspaper owned by Trump’s son-in-law also has endorsed him.

Most recently, Ted Cruz, whose wife Trump insulted and whose father Trump insinuated was involved in the assassination of JFK and whom Trump called Lyin’ Ted, endorsed Trump.  A few months ago, after Cruz pointedly did not endorse Trump at the RNC Convention, Trump claimed that he wouldn’t accept an endorsement from Cruz even if he offered it.  On Friday, however, Trump released a statement that he was “honored” by the endorsement.

But, because it’s 2016, there may only be one endorsement that matters: Kim Kardashian West is still #withher.

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