Unorthodox Lullabies

Despite my horrible voice, I often sing to Zachary.

When he’s awake and alert, I’ll put on music and sing and dance along to it.

When I’m trying to get him to sleep, I’ll sing to him softly as I rock, dip, squat, and do whatever else I can to try to get him to nod off.

Unfortunately, I don’t know many lullabies so when I try to sing a traditional one it usually devolves into Eminem’s Mockingbird.  I’m trying to avoid singing songs to Z that contain any of the Seven Dirty Words, however, so I’ve gotten into the habit of making up songs.  The one I sing most often basically repeats, “go to sleep,” over and over again with a few other lines thrown in for good measure.

It’s pretty ridiculous.  Sometimes it seems to work.  Other times it doesn’t.

But at least I’m trying.

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