We Can’t Normalize This

It happened again.  Another abnormal, recent-experience-defying, convention-busting, historical event.  And, yes, the media will cover it.  But not like they should.  Each time it happens, the coverage gets less intense.  Each time it happens, people get more used to it.  Each time it happens, we get more accustomed to things we shouldn’t.  They media is helping to make it routine, caring less each time, covering less each time.  There should be massive headlines every single time it happens.  Reporters should be dispatched to investigate every little detail.  Features should be done explaining the where, what, how, and why and it’s historical significance and abnormality.

It’s not just the media, though.  We’re all guilty of it.  We see a headline and shrug.  We shake our heads.  Maybe we even chuckle.  Maybe we don’t even read the article, or breeze over it so quickly that we don’t fully comprehend it–seeing the words, but not really reading them.  We tell our friends or significant others, “Guess what just happened and go into it,” but they’re nonplussed.

We need to remain diligent and vigilant.  When extraordinary things happen we need to make sure people know.  We need to ensure, while still remaining calm and reasonable, that everyone understands how important each occurrence is.  We can’t let any single incident get lost in the shuffle of a 24-hour news cycle and social media’s nanosecond attention span.

We can’t normalize the abnormal and expect to be in a good place, a decent place.

Although it’s obvious, I’m referring to Russell Westbrook.

He tallied another triple double tonight.  It’s his sixth in a row and eleventh of the young NBA season.  The only people who have recorded more triple doubles in a row are Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, and Oscar Robertson, which is exalted company, to say the least.  To help put six straight triple doubles in perspective, Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway, 4-time NBA all-star and phenom known for being a triple threat, only had six career triple doubles.   Steph Curry, reigning 2-time NBA MVP and the only unanimous MVP, only has seven career triple doubles, one more than Westbrook’s streak, but four fewer than his season total.  Russ now has more triple doubles than LeBron James, the closest thing to the T-1000 basketball has seen, despite having played in 396 fewer games in his career.

It’s important that we don’t normalize this craziness.  We need to ensure that vital information is disseminated in a reasonable, rational way and that citizens are well informed of incredible, historical events.  If we don’t, can you imagine what could happen?

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